Finger Tracking

Hi Guys,
I have been working on this multi-user interactive system it uses kinect’s depth iamge data to detect the hands and fingers, which I have successfully done already. Now I want to track finger’s. is there any addon available on OF for this purpose. or any other help? Thanks all. @zach I read about your hand/finger tracking thing somewhere but I was unable to find it. Actually its my first OF application.

I used this a long time ago in a kinect project - it probably needs updated for the more recent versions of OF but may be a start

if you want accurate data use the leap motion. for tracking fingers in a small space (eg above a stand or something) it is just awesome and outperforms the kinect a thousend times :slight_smile: Also, if you can wait a few months, the kinect2 is pretty good for tracking fingers.

you can find some finger tracking code in here:

when I tried it it was not super ok but it was a long time ago
and my images was very noisy (small blobs because the hands were very far from the kinect)