finding people with 360 degrees

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to find the best way to sense people within a 2m radius circle.
It’s to make second version of our drinking fountain:
that works in all directions rather than just one. The current version uses an ultrasonic sensor to sense people but I think replicating this method may be a bit clunky for 360 degrees.

Is this possible? Is OF the answer to my problems?

thanks in advance for any response!

nice project.

we use 8 ePIR sensors arranged in a circle to find people’s approximate location.

But this might still not give you the resolution you are hoping for.

If you used s SoftPot Membrane Potentiometer you could have people touch your sculpture and so know which way it should bend.

anyway, good luck.


you could try to develop a 360 tracking using this lens.

i really want to but have no time :frowning:


Golan and Kyle did some work unwrapping images similar to the ones that you’d get from the kogeto You’d need a video capture device like this: to grab it but if you’re in a controlled lighting situation that could be an easy route to take. I do think the most robust solution is an array of PIR or ultrasonic sensors though.