File dependencies messed up when moving the compiled app?

Hello everybody,

I have an OF project that’s currently located in “…/apps/myApps/” and has two shader files, a vertex and a fragment shader, in its “bin/data” folder.

The project compiles/runs fine, as long as it stays on my computer.
When I sent it to a friend, the app did launch, but nothing shader-related happened. The entire animation is shader driven. I also tried sending the app with the data folder, including the shader files, but that didn’t seem to work either!
Also, when I compress the app (i.e. zip) and extract it again, it stops working on my end too.
What am I missing here? There seems to be something wrong with file dependencies in my workflow?

Furthermore, is it possible to compile in such a way that the shaders get included inside the app package?


in case you are on a mac, i guess this is because of translocation.
there are several posts here in the forum, e.g. MacOS: App does not find data/ folder, once extracted from a .zip archive

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Yes, i am.