Figuring out crashes

Hi, I just submitted one of my programs to a festival and it is crashing for the judges. What is the normal way to fix this? Does openFrameworks generate a crash file that I can look at by default? Is there a way to enable it to generate a crash file?

The judge is running OSX if that makes any difference. I know you can turn on dumps in OSX but I feel uncomfortable asking them to upload a 500MB file (and I am not even sure I could investigate that with my dump investigator).

So after looking around for a little bit I see that some OSX applications generate a crash log here:

I don’t see my openFrameworks crashes there though. Do I have to add extra code for openFrameworks crashes to be written to this directory?

Ah, nevermind I found it. openFrameworks crashes can be viewed by starting Console on OSX and looking underneath User Diagnostic Reports. I was mistakenly looking in the system reports I think: