Field Type ofxCvGrayscaleAdvanced' is an Abstract class error

I am trying to recreate the eye writer 2.0. I am currently using Lion(10.7) with Xcode(4.6.3). The original project was originally written for 10.5/10.6, therefore, there were a lot of errors when you compile it. I have been able to fix most of them but I keep getting “Field Type ofxCvGrayscaleImage’ is an Abstract class” and “Field Type ofxCvGrayscaleAdvanced’ is an Abstract class”

ofxCvGrayscaleAdvanced		currentImg;
ofxCvGrayscaleAdvanced		previousImg;
ofxCvGrayscaleAdvanced		diffImg;

This is the ofxCvGrayscaleAdvanced.h file:

 * ofxCvGrayscaleImage.h
 * by stefanix, zach
 * This is essentially an IPL_DEPTH_8U with one channel.
 * Pixel values are typically from 0-255.


#include "ofxCvGrayscaleImage.h"


// note: 
// this is (a) a fix of some ROI stuff for swapTemp
// and a missing "drawBlobIntoMe" function
// and applyMinMaxGamma and applyBrightnessContrast()
// I think many of these things will get back into SVN version of ofxOpenCv, but are 
// included here so that this app compiled sans too much work in OF 0.06.

class ofxCvGrayscaleAdvanced : public ofxCvGrayscaleImage {
	void	swapTemp();			// this has a fix for ROI stuff needed for 
	void	drawBlobIntoMe( ofxCvBlob & blob, int color );
	void	applyMinMaxGamma(float gamma);
	void	applyBrightnessContrast(float brightness, float contrast);
    uchar		gammaLut[256];
	CvMat*		gammaLutMatrix;
	uchar		briConLut[256];
	CvMat*		briConLutMatrix;


Is there something I need to add to the file?

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