I was just playing with kiss fft (an LGPL fft routine that we are adding to the audio stream object) and I re-found this tutorial about fft that is very helpful:


it’s cool, because they take you through the fft in a very straightforward way – I find it useful to re-read every so often…

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The following books by Curtis Roads are great material to read when learning about the FFT. Roads has a less technical and more easily readable style than most articles you’ll find.

  • The Computer Music Tutorial
  • Microsound

Books book have sections on the DFT and hence FFT.

The article Zach linked to is now available at http://www.dspdimension.com/admin/dft-a-pied/

On a related note, KISS FFT is available here http://kissfft.sourceforge.net/

I’m kind of surprised fmod was eventually used for OF’s sound spectrum stuff instead of KISS.