FFT / Spectrum visualizer with OF for ios

Hi all!

i’m new in OF, it’s the first time i use that kind of multiplateform library, and first at all i just wanted to say that’s awesome! I’m so used to the classic objective C stuff in ios, but it’s really simple to handle it.
Infortunately, it’s hard to find specific example : i want to make an spectrum visualizer with object ofSoundPlayer. But correct me if i’m wrong, the method ofSoundGetSpectrum(float) don’t seem to be implemented in ios? I’ve read i have to use “fftw library”? Does anyone have an example/link to show me how i should do this (the spectrum visualizer)?

Thx all!


I am just a newbie with this stuff as well, but look at all the posts on http://ofdsp.blogspot.com/ to get started. They helped me a lot.


That’s an excellent site, thanks for the link!

Also, if you want to do FFT you can use Maximilian on iOS as well https://github.com/micknoise/Maximilian