Ffmpeg windows compatibility

I’ve found a couple addons that use ffmpeg and neither work on Windows:


I’m trying to make it work. I’m starting by testing ffmpeg in an empty project and I’m getting a conflict regarding UINT64_C. This is defined in stdint.h which apparently is not defined natively in windows, so I downloaded these couple headers that would solve the issue. But when including ofMain.h and my ffmpeg test class at the same time I get the error again.

...\libavutil\common.h(183): error C3861: 'UINT64_C': identifier not found

I’ve set up a class that includes and uses ffmpeg, it builds without problems when I don’t use it from OF’s testApp, but gives that error when I do.

OF 0.8.0, VS2012, Zeranoe ffmpeg builds

Fixed it by adding :

#ifndef INT64_C
	#define INT64_C(c) (c ## LL)
	#define UINT64_C(c) (c ## ULL)

To the ffmpeg common.h file.

hi @chuckleplant !

I’m facing same errors and i can’t make it work with your addition …
Do yo have any simple example running ofxStreamer in Windows ?
Did you use CodeBlocks or VisualStudio ? Any hints ?

Thanks !

Probably a bit late to the party here but my fork of ofxVideoRecorder supports Windows

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