Few interactive installations ...using birds and flowers or something

Greetings friends, long time no see …life… diseases and financial problems got in the way…
anyway… here are some of my Artworks :

This is a 2011 project, -really old I know, it’s a study on the unapproachable…

…the futility to a meaning to all of this,

as the viewer approaches for a better look … the birds just fly away…
(the little girl in the video is my little daughter )

This one is playing with the idea of capturing “the moment of death”
…the precise moment per se…

the artwork has two modes, the lights go on and off with a relay…

Here is another-one, using R-Pi,
This one plays with the idea of Nature, being indifferent to human suffering, how ironic it is to be blown to smithereens during the spring with beautiful flowers all around you… and nature keeps being nature regardless …

from afar you see a mesmerising image of nature, with an out of focus background
as you get closer, the sound of birds stops, and the image refocuses on the background, where there is a dead soldier (it’s my military jacket with some cgi)

I wish you all the best!


Hey, these are really nice! For the 1st work, how did you detect people approaching, with a Kinect? Did you put it on the ceiling?

And for the last work, what kind of monitor did you use inside of the frame?

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Hi, thanks for your kind words, here is another one:
the rainbow on the left is with open-frameworks, it dissolves if you approach it

I want these things to be plug and play,
so that I can leave them to dodgy “galleries” and know that as long as they have electricity they will work.

I use Kinect only for things like dance performance shows etc,

an old usb2.0 webcam up high, at an angle is the best approach if you want a RoBUST solution that you can plug and play leave alone and be sure everything will work, even with a power failure the artwork will be able to resume and restart as soon as you have electricity,

With Kinect you can’t really do that for multiple reasons…
most notably you need to unplug it and replug it sometimes…

also… drivers etc etc…

they key is to write an algorithm to filter out feedback loops etc…

The monitor on the left is a salvaged 4:3 monitor I literally found it in the trash, I removed the plastic did some rewiring and it worked:


Nice. Coding-wise, what do you have the web-cam’s detect? Contours? Certain colours?

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I use “Contours” sort of…
every project is site - specific, it’s critical to know how people will approach your artwork.

In general here is my approach.

Webcam as high as possible,
then I select areas of focus, (rectangles that are steady in color to avoid feedback loops) I don’t scan the entire webcam feed.
Then, I compare, change in pixels during time because light changes during the days/weeks
so I always compare in the last few minutes if there is change.

And I also have a “threshold var”, that calculates how often there is motion, the more crowded the room the less sensitive it becomes

If the room is empty then it’s more sensitive. (not all projects need this var)

here is another one:

This is Super Old, it runs on the first Generation R-Pi, before OF even released an official branch lol,
remember the good old days…

here I knew people would approach the artwork from left and right, so It was super easy

here is a super old video of me in the studio testing it out:

lol, I was so young , thinking what I was doing was soo cool…

And here is another experiment with the same “Birds engine” I used on the other artwork,
in this case they don’t go away, they attack you…