Fedora 35 QTcreator error: Fatal qbs error: The qbs process failed to start

Hi all,
I’ve get this error when I load OpenFrameworks projects in QTCreator. The same projects used to work right in Fedora 34. I did a fresh install of Fedora 35 and this error turns up: Fatal qbs error: The qbs process failed to start. Old and New projects gets the same error. I am not a QTCreator expert. Any idea? thanks

All these kinds of issues are common when dealing with QtCreator, not only on Fedora, but all Linux distros (and Windows has other similar issues with QtCreator to solve…)
Most frequently, closing and reopening the project helps to resolve the project file…
Check this thread: https://forum.openframeworks.cc/t/qt-creator-not-working/39739/13

Good thing is that OF is not bound to any IDE… if you can compile OF projects from the terminal like in the walkthrough documentation (Linux for OF installation), this way you can compile any OF project (mind the proper path to detect OF libraries)…


I ended up configuring as a C++ IDE my old friend emacs. Perhaps I have to write a bit more but I am quicker on it. More I want to get out of emacs I always ended up using it: supercollider, latex, agenda and now openframeworks.