FBX + blendshapes

Hey guys,
Does anyone knows a workaround to load .fbx with access to the blend shapes fonction?
ofFbx doesn’t support blendshapes.
Kyle does the tricks by importing each blendshapes as a different .obj but i didn’t manage to load the texture going with my model that way.

any 3D guru who can help ??

thank you!

I added blend shapes in my version of ofxFBX: https://github.com/arturoc/ofxFBX in ofxFBXMesh you can get the blendshape parameters with getBlendParameters and put them on a gui or retrieve the individual parameters by name from the group.

The addon is probably quite outdated since i haven’t used it since at least 2 years ago but perhaps it’s useful to check out how to do it

Hey thanks @arturo !
Any chance you have or know someone with an example using your addons?
i am not that skilled, i usually start from examples to get into it…

@arturo i would like to use your ofxFBX version because of the blendshapes functions. However I can’t get the addon to work with latest openFrameworks version - there are lots of buildtime errors. Any chance you will be updating it for the latest version?