FBO + retina + antialiasing?


I’ve been trying to get this to work for days… I can use FBO with retina enabled and anti-aliasing disabled, but as soon as I enable anti-aliasing any drawing to FBO “blocks” all subsequent drawing no matter to fbo or to screen. I need FBOs to crop certain parts of drawing.

Are there any recommended settings to get smoothest output when using FBOs on retina iOS devices with latest OF version? I found some forum threads that touch the topic, but couldn’t find a working solution.

Any help much appreciated.


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Ok, I have discovered it all works as expected if I omit ofSetOrientation(OF_ORIENTATION_90_RIGHT), but now of course all gfx is misplaced.

Is there a way to start renderer in landscape without calling ofSetOrientation() ?


To answer my own question: setting orientation when creating window in main.c worked!

Still, it would be nice to know what is causing the mentioned behaviour.


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Hi Borut,

Interesting stuff!

I’ve been wrestling with FBO and rotation issues, my app is landscape, but it has to kick off locked in portrait first otherwise the FBOs and .grabScreen() go bonkers.

The process I’m doing is loading an ofImage, displaying that full screen and then taking a chunk from that as an FBO, rotating it, putting it back down and then resampling the whole screen by using .grabScreen() which replaces the initial ofImage and the chunking starts again.

If i do this in anything but portrait then i get a really glitched out image.

So i suppose i’m asking 2 questions

  1. how did you solve the rotation and anti-aliasing issue?
  2. have you come across something like i described above?

Many thanks,

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Bit old question but unfortunately the problem remains the same for iOS.
I wanted to know if you have done something about retina and FBO antialiasing ?