Fbo on android bug!

when use fbo,draw image on it,but when to backgroud and then foreground,image can not draw on the fbo any more,just white block!who can tell me what’s happend? thanks!
the version 0074

when recevice the glsurfaceview destoryed,in my app ,and then the fbo’s data is wrong,i’m sure this.I think when switch the android app to background,the glsurface destoryed,the fbo has been destoryed too!Then should re-create the fbo,it can’t re-use.
can you give some details about fbo when android app switch backgound or start other activity?
this problem is so painful!

any gl resources are destroyed by android when an application goes to the background. some classes in OF, moslty those that have the information they contain in ram, like ofTruetypeFont, ofImage, ofVideoGrabber. are able to recreate the GL resources themselves but anything else you need to do it manually in the void reloadTextures(); callback function in your ofApp

“callback function in your ofApp”

Which callback function??

Edit NVM!!!