Fbo is not full


I’m stuck with some troubles on fbo.
I do some drawing (first picture) but what i get in my fbo is cut (second one).

It looks like the fbo get the center in its leftup corner ? Weird.

There is an easy cam in my of patch, and some postFx shaders; but tests without the cam, or the shaders do the same result…

any idea ?

when beginning an fbo it sets the perspective matrix and viewport so if you are using a camera you have to bind it after beginning the fbo otherwise the fbo perspective settings will overwrite the camera and the 0,0 will be at the top left corner which seems to be what’s happening

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Thanks, it sounds like a great answer,
but I got this warning when calling fbo.bind() which i don’t really know what it means…

[warning] Framebuffer with id: 1 cannot be bound onto itself. 
Most probably you forgot to end() the current framebuffer before calling begin() again or you forgot to allocate() before calling begin().

Which end() and begin() is it about : camera, or fbo ?

Bests. Seb.

you should be calling fbo.begin, not bind unless you are doing something very specific

Ok. but what did you mean with :


Sorry for not understanding…

instead of doing:




otherwise the fbo would reset the perspective matrix set by the camera to the OF defaults with the 0,0 in the top left corner

ok, i got it now after a little example on my side…

but the truth is that i really want :
1/ to catch visuals BEFORE camera…
2/ reinject those visuals to generate squares from fbo pixels without any perspective but centered :confused:
3/ viewing visuals and squares generated together into a camera perspective

simple, isnt’it ? :smiley: but i don’t succeed because i’m afraid i do not get what fbo is…

a simple matrix would help ?