Favorite ways to optimize workflow?

I’m curious how different people work with openframeworks, and in what different ways you have all tweaked your workflow to make it more efficient. Maybe it’s something you learned for Xcode, some addon, or something like an IRC group that you found helpful.

I’d also love to hear if there was one tool or technique that you found that really improved your work.

Really open ended question, just hoping to find something new to mix up my stagnating setup.

I find reloading shaders every n frames really helpful to get almost real time changes…

if (ofGetFrameNum() % 100 == 0) {

in xcode, command-shift-o is really helpful for jumping between files


also, on xcode
command + ctrl+ up or down arrow -> show counterpart file
command + ctrl+ left or right arrow -> go to previous or next file (as in the order that you’ve jumped from one to the other)
moving cursor (which applies almost systemwide)
command + up/down/left/right arrow key -> go to begining of file/end of file/begining of line/end of line
alt + left/right arrow key ->got to begining/end of word
if you press shift and use any of the two previous ones (command + arrows and alt+ arrows) it will select from the current cursor position to the new cursor position.

As for the shader autoreloading I prefer the ofxAutoReloadedShader addon than @zach 's method.