Fatal error: ofxXmlSettings.h : No such file or directory

I tried to build eyewriter s/w, i recieved an error which is : fatal error : ofxXmlSettings.h : No such file or directory. Please help

use code block addition of v 0.80

Can u give which version of C and OF to use…Shyckh

for eyewriter related compile issues, it might help if you ask them on the eyewriter github repo. It’s a bit hard to tell what’s going on from your post, for example, what project are you trying to compile and with what version of OF ?

In general, a missing file (that does exist) might mean you have the project in the wrong place.

Do the examples that come with OF compile and run, such as the addons example and the xml settings example?

look in .depend file it will tell you where the xml.h file is located in your project. after finding it link it to your project…

I have downloaded the eyewriter source code according to manual. Then i tried to build it using codeblocks 13.2 with openframeworks 0.8.0 version. but later i used code blocks 12.11 and of 0.6.1. i placed eyewriter folder in apps folder. i tried to build the exe file then but it replied that ofxXmlsetting is missing. I later placed that required addon in addon folder. then it replied me with 17 errors in ofxXmlsetting.h file . The first error was : excepted class-name before ‘{’ token…