Fat lines with varying width und color for every point

I’m searching for a solution to draw fat lines with varying width and color
I already tried out ofxFatLines , but this addon has some glitches and is not complete (round joints and caps).
I also tried to use vase renderer itself (http://tyt2y3.github.io/vaser-web/), but I’m too dumb to implement it into my app.
So my question is: Is there any solution ready to use or is my problem too specific? (Maybe theres an easy trick to implement vaser? In my case I get lots of “unknown type” errors…)
thank you!

Hi, it’s a bit overkill as it takes you to 3D, but I have some code here that takes a list of points and turns it into a 3D tube, there’s 2 splines to control the shape:

Hi, I wrote the ofxFatLines some years ago. Yes, it is uncomplete as there is ofxShivaVG that works really well and covered my needs. My addon was originally written using some as a guideline a very basic implementation of the vase renderer. I can see that it is much more developed right now so I’ll give a try and implement it for OF.

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Thanks! I will try this out

That would be pretty great, I tried to implement vase renderer by myself, but gave it up after having several ‘linker duplicate symbol’ errors.

@roymacdonald Any movement on the vase renderer front? I would certainly like to help in any way I can.

Hey @caseyfarina no, sorry. I’d been super busy for several months now and this is quite at the end of my list of priorities.
If you want to help clone the ofxFatLines repo and try to implement the vase renderer. :grimacing:!
Let me know if you can make any improvement.