fastest image format for loading/displaying

What image formats is oF fastest at loading and displaying? I am loading 1000s of images (1920x1080) and displaying them non-sequentially. I tried assembling a video file but i’m not getting the framerates i had hoped for. just as mJPEG or pJPEG compression is the fastest for video playback, what is fastest for images? i’m assuming TIF or something with zero compression?

Hi eforman,

I’m working on something similiar, or I need to load looots and images as well. For now I’m settled using just jpg, but I can imagine using raw uncompressed RGB would be easy to load, but then, the file sizes become bigger which has some downsides.

Another thing I was thinking is how do you manage to load 1000s of images into memory?


I’m not sure about loading, but for saving images, .jpg is the fastest. Even though it uses compression, the file size is smaller and this I/O wait is lower. I would assume the same is true for loading, but if you really want to know for sure, you could always write a simple benchmark app.

given that my target machine has 4GB of RAM, i probably can’t load 1000s of images, perhaps only 100s. trying to figure this out now. video performance is near-acceptable although disappointing when seeking non-sequentially using setPosition().

i will do some image loading benchmarking tests just for the hell of it and report back.

hi eforman,

your best approach here is to pre-cache as many images as you can. if you’re relying on a stachastic (random) system to set the image loading order, then you can calculate your random sequence in advance and send it to a queue system running in a separate thread. if you’re basing sequence on user input then it would be a good idea to consider either predicting interaction, or if that isn’t possible, pre-fetch some possible interaction outcomes and then limit the possible outcomes to those that you’ve pre-fetched. i hope that makes sense…


If it’s important for there to really be 1000s, you might also consider using a SSD/Flash drive with a fast interface. I remember doing the calculation once for JPGs and I think you can get >30 fps random access at 1080p.