Fashion show and music

my friends will hold an event with fashion show and live(band).
I would like to capture the model who walks on runway,
show its outline on the screen,
and link the outline’s movement and live sound.
I mean I want to make the outline quivering with the sound.
I hope it is possible with open frameworks.
Do I need Max(Cycling74) ?
Or are there any cheeper software?
If anybody has an idea I would be happy to hear it!
Thank you.

You could do the outline quivering with ofxFFT.

Getting the outline would be harder.

You could use a Kinect, or you could use ofxOpenCV using a camera.

You could totally do it with openFrameworks, it just depends on how deep down the rabbit hole you want to go.

Wow that’s great! (memo:
Now I knew how to get the outline with ofxOpenCV,
but I don’t know how to link those add ons.
Anyway I’ll study ofxFFT first.

No one is studying oF around me so your reply is so helpful also for my motivation :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot !

No-one around me is studying it much either.

If you can get a mesh outline of the target image, then you could make a some new ofvec2f’s to create some vels out from (or in towards) the centroid, which might give you the effect you’re looking for.

Good Luck!