FAQ hyperlink(s) missing

I was googling: “openframeworks new project” to find the easiest way to start a new of project. I’ve sometimes had troubles with just copying an existing project…

At any rate, and FYI, I came across this http://www.openframeworks.cc/about/faq. In the section: “why do you do mostly local linking?” The text implies that there is further documentation at the three instances of the word: 'here" (bold below) but they are not hyperlinks.

The trick, when you want to create a new project, is to copy and paste a working poject in the “apps” directory. This trick is described for dev-cpp here, for visual studio here and for xcode here. While we are working on creating wizards or tools for automatically making a good openFrameworks project, for the meantime we will suggest users to use cut and paste for making new projects.

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This thread authored by myself could be used to document the vs2008 and vs2010 links. I would be willing to pretty it up a bit if the powers that be would like…

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