Facial biometric detection

Hi, does anyone know about something about getting facial biometric data?
I didn’t say face recognition because it could be mistaken with something like haar face detection.
I want to be able to store someones face biometric data and then be able to check if this same person appears in any other image.

Any idea on how to approach this?


there are a few papers out there that are probably worth reading, but, working with OF, I think a good starting point could be ofxFaceTracker (https://github.com/kylemcdonald/ofxFaceTracker).

Do you suggest any paper in particular?
I know quite well ofxFaceTracker, as I’d used it a lot and before it was released I was working with the same lib it’s based on, but from there on I’m somewhat clueless.


I never wrote a face recognition system, so I can’t point you directly to specific papers that worked for me.

Anyway I wrote some computer vision software that had to recognize cars and license plates and that experience taught me a little bit about machine learning and describing/recognizing a certain type of object and its variations; the very general lessons that I’d like to share are:

  • don’t reinvent the wheel: read a lot before writing
  • bayes is probably your friend
  • don’t be too purist: if sticking a if(foo==0) solves the problem, but it’s inelegant and/or does not really describe the whole real world model (in aspect that you’ll never face in your software), just go with the if

Have a look at these excellent articles from Cognotics http://www.cognotics.com/opencv/servo-2007-series/index.html.