FaceTracker2 on Ubuntu

Hello, I’m trying to have the FaceTracker2 working on ubuntu. As the problem that I’m having it is something related to a missing library (that comes with the addon), I’m reporting it first here, because I think it has to do with qtCreator, and maybe later on the github repository of the developer.

When running an example, I have the error:

/Sources/of_v0.10.0_linux64gcc6_release/addons/ofxFaceTracker2/src/ofxFaceTracker2.h:12: error: dlib/image_processing/frontal_face_detector.h: No such file or directory
 #include <dlib/image_processing/frontal_face_detector.h>

That points to this library

// Include DLIB
#include <dlib/image_processing/frontal_face_detector.h>

This library comes with the addon https://github.com/HalfdanJ/ofxFaceTracker2/tree/master/libs/dlib), how do I tell to qtCreator to include that library?

Maybe @halfdanj has some insight?