FaceRecognizer opencv


i have seen the ofxFaceTracker. great stuff.
has anyone worked on being able to recognize a face?
i have a database of let’s say 50 people and i want to know if the person in front of the camera is one of them or how close a match it is.

thanks, stephan.

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check out Kyle’s sharing faces project, there has been a post on the forum about if I remember correctly:

Also, using only opencv: (which you can use using ofxCv addon)

i saw that.
but i do not think it actually recognizes the faces or gives them any similarity value.
i does not know where there is a face and it’s position etc. but not if it is person A or B.

the facerec is what i need.

progress report:
Just learned for FaceRecognizer i need opencv 2.4 which ofxCV is not running in.

Found ofxOpenCV2461 and will try that first.

Hi there, I’m using v2.4 with ofxCv, you just need to tell it where to get the OpenCV libs.

that sounds great.
can you tell me where you placed things and how to adjusted the linking.

It was quite some time go, I just replaced whatever the ofxCv was pointing to to my 2.4.* folder. Check out ofxCv’s instructions, there’s a hint on what to replace there.

If you have any specific problem maybe I can help.


i learned a whole bunch of things looking at the opencv face recognition class and put together this small addon ofxFaceRecognizer .

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