FaceOSC does not run on new Apple M1 processor

I have been using the FaceOSC app developed in OF on a number of Apple (MacBook Pro and iMac) platforms running OS 13.xx versions for the past year without any issues.

I just acquired a new MacBook Pro with the new Apple M1 processor that is running OS 11.2 and now the FaceOSC app does not work. It launches, the window is opens - so it doesn’t crash - but it doesn’t appear to turn on the video - thus is not functioning correctly.

I have seen some issues on this Forum regarding compiling problems with the M1 and new Macs, has anyone encountered this problem with FaceOSC on these new platforms??

Any suggestions will be appreciated.

I have resolved this issue. I realized I had been using a 2016 version of FaceOSC and when I then downloaded and installed the latest version 1.2 - it ran.

The OSC v1.2 does run on a MacBook Pro with the M1 processor using OS 11.2.

Not sure why the older version did not run, but probably won’t pursue that issue at this time.