Face tracking : Want to load image from picker or camera in ImagePicker object in Objective c method;

Face tracking : Want to load image from picker or camera in UIImagePicker object in Objective c method;
Able to get UIImage now i want to load this UIIMage to ofimage object then I can track the eye and all the face component . but i am unable to load UIImage to ofImage object,


UIImage *selectedPickerImage;

  • (void)imagePickerController:(UIImagePickerController *)picker didFinishPickingMediaWithInfo:(NSDictionary *)info
    selectedPickerImage = info[UIImagePickerControllerOriginalImage];

I want to load : UIImage to ofImage for tracking the eyes and all the component.

   ofImage myImage;
  ofxFaceTracker srcTracker;
  ofPoint leftEyePoints;
    ofPoint rightEyePoints;
  ofPoint lipsPointsOuter;
  ofPoint lipsPointsInner;
  ofPoint noseBridge;


  if(myImage.getWidth() > 0)
leftEyePoints = srcTracker.getImageFeature(ofxFaceTracker::LEFT_EYE).getCentroid2D();
rightEyePoints = srcTracker.getImageFeature(ofxFaceTracker::RIGHT_EYE).getCentroid2D();
lipsPointsOuter = srcTracker.getImageFeature(ofxFaceTracker::OUTER_MOUTH).getCentroid2D();
lipsPointsInner = srcTracker.getImageFeature(ofxFaceTracker::INNER_MOUTH).getCentroid2D();
noseBase = srcTracker.getImageFeature(ofxFaceTracker::NOSE_BASE).getCentroid2D();
noseBridge = srcTracker.getImageFeature(ofxFaceTracker::NOSE_BRIDGE).getCentroid2D();
faceOutline = srcTracker.getImageFeature(ofxFaceTracker::FACE_OUTLINE).getCentroid2D();
mouthImage = grabMouth();

I am not able to do that load UIImage in ofImage object. Please suggest and help.