Face tracking and manipulation

Hi, I’m extremely new to all of this. I need help. I’m an art student and would like to project a live feed of peoples faces but have their mouth move without the person actually moving their mouth. I have downloaded kyle mcdonalds ofxfacetracker but have no idea how to get to working. Can anyone give me the steps to get each example working?

Is anyone able to help? I have managed to get some of the example add ons to work independently but not using the project generator. It says succeeded build in Xcode but the resulting file is nowhere to be seen.

Hi, does it run when you hit CMD + R ?

If not it could be that you have the openFrameworks scheme selected rather than the ofxFaceTrackerExample, or whichever you project you are trying, in my case here GeometryShaderTubes:

I’ve followed that step, it runs and completes in Xcode but no app opens. What I’ve now tried to do is to use project generator and use ofxFacetracker as an add on, however I’m getting this error “linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation)”
Sorry, I know I’m doing something really stupid here but I appreciate any help.

maybe these tutorial can help you to get started.

hehehe. thanks for the mention :wink:

i think rather than jumping into one of the biggest projects, is really to get into the smaller ones first. you have to know how to walk before tracking faces :wink: