Face substitution compatible with 0.8.4?

hello all
i’m trying to get kyle and arturo’s face substitution app running under os x 10.10 with ofx 0.8.4:

i’m having trouble getting any of the projects compiled; many compiler errors and path issues.
i’ve also tried two of the derivative projects:

has anyone worked with these apps with ofx 0.8.4?



yes i had trouble having the examples to build.
i ended up to make FaceSubstitution to build, but it never worked (or i didn’t figured out how it worked) and crashes on image load

But the addon seems to work as i am using it in a very basic custom app on OSX 10.10 / oF 0.8.4

check here if you need : https://github.com/martialgallorini/ofFaceOff