Face detection addons comparison

Can anybody please help to choose openframeworks addon for face detection. there seems to be several ways in OF to detect face for e.g. ofxfacetracker, ofxARToolKit and ofHaarfinder etc.

I need to detect for augmented reality app, which addon should I use for real-time tracking?

Hi, ofxFaceTracker2 and ofxFaceTracker are both very good and not so expensive for a modern machine. Both have a lot of examples. These differ on their impleementation. These will give you face land marks information.
haarfinder is the most basic and oldest. It will just give you a bounding box for a face that is looking straight into the camera. It has a lot of chances that it will not work, all though it should be the least computationally intensive one.
I dont know if ofxARToolKit supports a face tracker, although it looks a bit outdated. I’d say that you try them all. And see which one performs the best.