Face averaging question

Does anyone know how this works: http://faceresearch.org/demos/average or how to implement something similar in openframeworks?

Hey Lorenzo,
Did you ever find out how to do something like this in OF?

i would guess you first find the eyes in each image.
then scale and rotate each image so that all eyes are in the same position.
then alpha blend different images.
ofxFaceTracker gives you the position of eyes and other face features.

you could also extend this and not just use the eyes but all other features and try to morph the images until they all have all features in the same position.

found this face morpher:

but you wouldn’t morph one face to an other, but rather morph all faces features/landmarks to match that of a master face.

this project by sarah howorka may be a helpful resource with regards to orienting faces and averaging: