EyeWriter 2.0 on Mac with of v.0.8.4 to control mouse

Hi, I am Hang, a Design and Technology student (at Parsons in NYC).

And since our professor (Sven) always talks so much about @zach, Chris, Evan, Theo and co. I found the Eyewriter 2.0 and thought it was a great thing to incorporate in my project/installation.

What I need is:

  1. Get the code to work. When I run the code with the latest oF version and Mac OS 10.10 (Yosemite) I get various errors and when trying to debug (e.g. move files to a new project) I get new errors. I am very new to the program in general and would need some guidance in understanding the (structure of the) code that was written and also in where to start debugging.
  2. It would be awesome to control the mouse depending on where you look, this doesn’t have to be precise at all, since I will have a grid of 9-12 videos in a webbrowser and the mouse only needs to hover over them.

Help or reference to help or links would be much much appreciated!
Thanks a lot!