Eye tracking??

Just wondering, has anyone here used OF to write a code for tracking eyes? I did a search for eye tracking in the forum but nothing turned up.

Anyway, i found a link to a project that was featured quite some time ago called openEyes and there’s an open source C code available on the site. Maybe we could add this feature among other things like faceTracking and colorTracking, called eyeTracking??

just a thought…

btw…heres the link to the source code:

Wow very cool! Definitely interesting.


actually, on the frontpage of openframeworks.cc, there is this work of golan levin’s that seems to be tracking eyes with opencv.

i recall that they made it with theo, but i might be wrong.

hehe not me - I wish though, it is a very cool installation!

this project by a fellow OFer also does eyetracking quite nicely.

From what I understand you want to work in infrared as it is much easier to track the pupil.

A good place to start is to use the ofxOpenCV addon to get blob contours and try and eliminate ones that don’t fit the pattern of a pupil (ie too big, too small, not in the center of the frame, etc etc)


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Here’s an interesting project on eyegaze tracking:

that is really awesome looking