Eye tracker compiling

I’m having some issues getting the eye tracker to compile from CodeBlocks - every time I try to compile, it tells me header files or library files are missing. I’m almost positive it’s a hierarchy issue, but I’m unfamiliar with hierarchy setups in CB. Could someone help me out? Much appreciated!

could you say which eye tracker you’re working with? are you talking about eyewriter, or another project?

Yes, sorry, we’re trying to compile the EyeWriter CB project

edit: disregard this, see zach’s post below :slight_smile:

the eyewriter project isn’t really ‘maintained’, so your best bet at getting it compiled is to use an old version of openFrameworks that matches up with the release date of eyewriter version you’re using.

it’s also worth mentioning that besides the google svn, there’s also slightly more up to date source hosted at https://github.com/eyewriter

Kyle is incorrect – there’s been some work on getting the EW project up to date with OF, and the eyewriter project is maintained now on github.

there is a version of the eyewriter (1.0 ver) project that’s for 007 / windows codeblocks here:


and a binary here:


hope that helps,

ps: we’ve moved away from google code and will be shutting that down / pointing to the git repo…

yikes, sorry for the misinformation! i should have checked all the repos first, i saw this one https://github.com/eyewriter/eyewriter and got confused.

Sorry for the slow response, but as a college student I’ve had plenty to work on as well as this haha. Anyway, got all the code from github as per zach’s suggestion, and I still have the same hierarchy problem (getting errors along the lines of “error: ofMain.h: No such file or directory”). I’m not sure how to configure the linker and additional dependencies properly in CB, and I’m also not sure where to find all the files I need to include for the project, so I’m still at about the same point I was before…