External webcam in OFapp mac

I’ve been trying to use an external webcam in OFapp on mac. However I can not figure out how to switch from the default iSight to the Logitech webcam I have connected through USB. Does anyone know how to do this?

You can list the device ID by

listDevices() http://openframeworks.cc/documentation/video/ofVideoGrabber.html#show_listDevices

and specify by

setDeviceID(int) http://openframeworks.cc/documentation/video/ofVideoGrabber.html#show_setDeviceID

Thanks for replying micuat, I’ve been trying to use the links you gave me… but to be honest I don’t even know where to start, I’m a complete newbie at this. Do I just have to adjust the code in dreamweaver? and I can find the device id through the camera’s settings - would that be the right id without requesting a list of devices?