extend ofxXmlSettings to read attributes. static tokenize...

hi all.

I’m currently extending ofxXmlSettings to add it reading of attributes. Here’s the method I’m trying in my subclass

create a method which mimics getValue to get the attribute as a string.

string getAttribute(string tag, string attribute, string defaultValue);  

but then I have to create a method readAttribute which mimics readTag but fills the char * with the value of the desired attribute instead of the node. something like this

bool readAttribute(string tag, string attribute, char * attributeString, int which = 0);  

the problem i’ve found is that the tokenize method used in readTag (which is useful for me too for navigating tags) is a static method in ofxXmlSettings, so it is not available for me. I’ve just copied it to my class and it works, but that feels really ugly… Is there a reason for it to be static?

I’m still learning, so I’m happy to hear any theory :slight_smile:

also, any other approach is highly welcome.

thanks a lot!