Exporting an app for an outdated OS?


I’m pretty new to working in OF, so please pardon if these questions are obvious.

I am creating an OF app in Xcode for an art installation. The exported emptyExampleDebug file opens and plays without issue on my laptop. The problem is that the computer in the gallery is running an OSX 10.5. I changed the build settings to build for 10.5, but the app won’t open correctly on that computer. Any troubleshooting suggestions or experience with this issue?

Thanks very much!


that is pretty old - I think OF supported 10.5 with version 0062 so you may want to try and compile your app in that version if it is fairly simple (no kinect, etc)

if you’re on 10.6, you should be able to install the legacy SDKs from the xcode installer ( its a checkbox option ). Then you should be able to set the target SDK to 10.5

If your on 10.7 / 10.8 check this link: