Exported SVG generating exterior and interior lines for one path

hey again! this is a follow-up to one of my recent topics on exporting svg’s for milling. the software (bantamtools) is receiving it, but when i look closer it’s generating two lines, presumably one for the inside of the path and the other for the exterior:

i need there to be only line representing the path, like below:

here’s the file i’m using:

thanks in advance for helping me understand what’s happening :slight_smile:

the only thing that comes to mind is if you have disabled fill and only have contour but would be useful to see the code you are using to generate those shapes in order to understand what’s going on, mostly how you set up the paths.

@arturo thanks for waiting on my response! they were just calls to ofxDrawLine and ofxDrawCircle. ended up not reconciling it lol.

but from my understanding, the two lines had a relationship to the stroke width and size of the tool being used with the milling machine. if the stroke was larger than the path that the tool was going to cut (here, the tool cuts a path with a width of 0.005") then it will do a second pass to widen the cut to match the stroke size. the svg being generated was nearly 11" x 11", with the vectors being 3" x 5" in dimensions, and having a stroke width of 0.067".

we ended up adding fusion 360 to the workflow, and folks more knowledgeable than i manipulated the svg file to essentially just force it to do one pass. we used it at an event to make these stickers for attendees:

will make plans in the future to address this so that we don’t have to hack around with a cad package!