export point cloud to file


I’m figuring out how to export multiple kinect point clouds to one 3d file format, like obj or ply. Is there a not too complicated way to export them to a file?

I was trying the suggestions in this thread:

But I’m afraid this is all a bit to complicated for my level of knowledge. Right know I worked in two directions.

  1. I managed to draw each point cloud separately, and also to transform them separately, to stitch them. So these are unstructured separate poinclouds.

  2. I managed to draw the different poinclouds in one

 vector <ofPoint> pointCloud  

as suggested in the DepthExporter of Kyle.

But from there I got stuck. Has anyone suggestions how to make it work?



Solved. When taking a closer look at the Depth exporter, and viewing some suggestions of other people.