Export a oF8.1 project for an old MacBook 10.5.8

Hi all!!
I have a big problem. I have my project made in of8.1. Unfortunately i need to run this project on an old MacBook (no intel), with OSX 10.5.8. There is some way to do this?
I also tryed to install xCode 3.1.4 on the old MacBook and try to use of8.1, but i have a lot of errors! Also with others old oF versions is the same. I can run only oF v0062, but with this version i can’t compile my project because now oF has a lot of new features! So… somebody could help me? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, this is a pretty difficult prospect … I think the minimum version that would have a chance with 0.8.1 would probably be 10.7 (maybe 10.6?). So much has changed since 0062 …

If you are really desperate and you can’t install a newer version of OSX … and your program isn’t too processor heavy … you might consider installing Linux on the Macbook directly or using Parallels / vmware, etc … or perhaps even using a $35 raspberry Pi :smile:

Yes, i bought a Raspberry because i want also to try this way. Thanks!