Expert OpenFrameworks creative coder(s) WANTED [CLOSED]

Hi y’all_

We are sourcing an expert OpenFrameworks creative coder(s) with descent knowledge in C and C ++ or Python to develop a realtime LiDAR scanning artistic installation.

Interfacing hardware and (existing 1.) software with OpenFrameworks and Ableton Live (midi signals).

  1. e.g.

Deadline: 15/04/2018
Exhibition: Opening 04/05/2018
Location: Belgium
Salary: To be negotiated
Contact :


I am interested and would be able to develop this for you…
You can reach me on

Best Wishes

Hi Andrew,

I have received many many emails regarding the call, and decided to
collaborate with somebody else, but i hope we can work on something in the
near future.
In any case, very good to have your contact and wish you all the best,

Kind regards,