Experience with GStreamer and GstDiscoverer to get codec data?


Has anyone experience with the GstDiscoverer utility object from GStreamer? I am trying to receive information about container formats, codecs, framerates and the like.

I have tried to make the GStreamer example from their website work, but I run into EXC_BAD_ACCESS errors:


I am using OF from the master branch with OSX and XCode 6.2

Not sure about GstDiscoverer, but I use https://github.com/bakercp/ofxLibav (see AVProbe example) for media exploration. Depending on the media I also use https://github.com/bakercp/ofxLibMagic.

Thanks, that sounds like a good idea. I will look into it.

@bakercp, I do wonder though, how much work it would be to use libav to play/skip through videos as well. The reason I am asking is that I had developed a of tool (http://www.fakob.com/2014/movieprint-an-osx-tool/) making screenshots of movies and skipping through it. With the standard ofVideoPlayer on osx I often ran into the problem of unsupported media. I also wanted to make the tool available on other platforms and for that I would like to use something universal like the libav library.
What would you recommend in this case? Is that achievable with libav? I would have to mention though that I am not a highly advanced programmer.
Any assessment is appreciated :slight_smile: