Expand online docs or point to installed code

As a user of low skill, I rely on OF documentation as my first source of help. I notice that online docs such as http://openframeworks.cc/documentation/3d/ofEasyCam/ provide only a subset of class methods in the left margin list. It took me a while to discover that, for example, ofEasyCam class has many more methods in the local installation (~/libs/openFrameworks/3d/ofEasyCam.*).

My request is to either expand the online list of class methods or on the home page of each major class (e.g. ofEasyCam again) include advice on how to access the complete source files in one’s local installation.

I can imagine how much work is being done by the tireless openFrameworks volunteers with the great new release, but perhaps later some expanded documentation can happen. That might result in fewer appeals to the Forum by rookie users. Thanks!

I’ll have to amend my comment above. In the case of ofMesh

I’ve scanned the first 500 lines (!) of RC3_release\libs\openFrameworks\3d\ofMesh.inf and every method there is also listed in the online docs at http://openframeworks.cc/documentation/3d/ofMesh/. I won’t scan the other 2500 lines in that file. :ok_hand:

Three cheers for the hard-working OF team.

This is because the online docs refer to the current stable release, as of today still 0.9.8. once we release 0.10 we’ll update them to show the new methods and include the documentation included in the code during this release cycle