exiting OF_GAME_MODE

Hi all,
I’m just grabbing at straws here, but does anyone happen to know if its possible to switch from OF_GAME_MODE to OF_WINDOW without quitting an app?

I’m creating an app for an installation on linux with 2 monitors, and thus I need GAME_MODE since there’s no other known way to make the app fullscreen on 2 monitors on linux. (Unless i’m mistaken).

I will show much appreciation for an answer.


I tend to think that it is not possible. But maybe try playing around with glutLeaveGameMode. Here you can find some more info about that: http://www.nullterminator.net/glut.html

What you could also do is to create two windows, one for each monitor and then go fullscreen individually. You can use ofxFenster https://github.com/underdoeg/ofxFenster or my multiwindow tree for that https://github.com/underdoeg/openFrameworks/tree/multiwindow

I was afraid so… I’ll have a go with glutLeaveGameMode.

Thanks underdoeg! Much appreciated!