'exit' is not a member of 'std'

I tried to build .exe file fromEyeWriter 2 code using OF 0.6.1 on Codeblocks 12.11.
At the end, i recieved an error which is -> ‘exit’ is not a member of ‘std’.
What to do from here?

this will probably help you:

ya. i saw it …it worked. but new error came after following the link which is -->
fatal error: ofxXmlSettings.h : no such file or directory.

phew, no idea, probably the addon is not added to the codeblocks project? No idea, 0.6.1 is very old.

ya, i too think so…
but can u tell me where to add that ofxxmlsetting addon in of 0.6.1

in the project tree somewhere you probably have to add the ofxXmlSettings folder (but it has been years since I used c::b).
@zach maybe you can offer some wisdom on how to get eyewriter to run?

@Hussain can you please post errors about building eyewriter on the eyewriter github repo?

also, it’s not really clear what code you are trying to compile here. the eyewriter 2 project includes ofxXmlSettings:

and I think it’s written around a much more recent version of OF. Can you try against 0.74?

  • zach

@Hussain i have told you to link files to project tree… to open some file in project tree right click on xmlsettings and click open. if file open than file is included in your project otherwise will give you error “file not found”. to add file right click on your project name in project tree and try to locate the position of the file… the location of files for eyetracker/writer software is included in .depend file… hope it will help you…

@zach is there any way to link all files simultaneously rather to include these files one by one? as in eyewriter 2.0 there are so many files which have to be linked to project tree and it take so much time to add these files one by one.

@Shyckh I’m not sure I understand the question. is this a codeblocks question? Is this a question about eyewriter? or about OF?

if it’s about the eyewriter code specifically, can you please use the github and report issues there?

@zach its not specifically an issue. as in .cbp file u uploaded tells about location of different file for example “Add directory=”…\libs\glu\include" />" i am adding glu and other files like it one by one. if i specify the location of these file in .cbp as "Add directory=“C\documents\OF\libs\glu\include” /> than codebluck will able to compile these files?