Exhibiting Sketches

Hi all,

Curious as to what everyone does to exhibit several sketches (interactive or not) without the use of several laptops?
If you can point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated.


Hi Okliis,

I have used several sketches in the same time, but mainly working together ( on the same machine : acquisition + creative coding ), otherwise I would use several machines…

In the case of displaying several sketches using the same machine, you can try to create a release for your sketches, and run them simultaneously, it has proven to work for me in the past.

If your sketches are interactive, it’s not recommended as your ports will be used by one sketch at the time (kinect for example), but you would have to check the case by case to verify it.

Hope this helps,



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if you want to have multiple sketches displaying one after the other in the same window, you may use a scene manager, there are several addons that can help you in this purpose

this project use a custom scene manager as well

if you want to display multiple sketches, each one one in its own window at the same time, the following example could be a good starting point :


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Thanks so much for your replies, super helpful.

@pierre_tardif00 : Ah great! Good to know about the interactive pieces / ports, makes sense. I will look into creating a release for my sketches.

@bidul : Yes, I was thinking of each sketch in its own window. I wasn’t aware of the windowing examples, checking them out now. Thanks a lot for the links!

Will report back here with updates, questions, revelations etc.
Again, thanks a lot Pierre and bidul!