Execution of 'doxygen' failed

Unable to run example ascii video…
I am unable to understand why this is happpening.

Extracting documentation for asciiVideo.
DoxyBlocks is working, please wait a few moments…
Writing doxyfile…
Execution of ‘doxygen’ failed.
Please ensure that the doxygen ‘bin’ directory is in your path or provide the specific path in DoxyBlocks’ preferences.

hi! a bit more information would be helpful: which OS? which IDE? which OF version?

Windows 8 . CodeBlocks : 13.12

@bakercp any idea why this would try to run doxygen?

No idea. Code blocks 13 is not supported by openframeworks yet - can you try it by following the ide setup instructions for code blocks 12?

I know this is an old conversation but this is still an issue for some people. I found a short fix for this. You go to plugins>manage plugins, and then disable doxyblocks.