Exe & drivers for Panasonic EKL3106 (i.e. very old depth sensor)?

Hi all. Does anyone happen to have the legacy Windows exe/drivers for a Panasonic EKL3106 depth sensor? This is probably several years ago, now. It was probably supported in the IISU dev kit from Soft Kinetic (now part Sony Depth team?). I’ve found an oFX addon for the sensor, but it only has the .dll. I am ideally looking for a way to verify if the hardware even still works, before delving into trying to hack the guts with openCV. I do see that it powers and the IR illuminators work. This sensor was made by an industrial division of Panasonic in Japan, but no longer exists (as far as I can tell).

DigiCapUSB.exe : Main package of this software
Dimagerdll.dll : Program Content

I guess worst-case scenario I can gut out the hw and use it as a nice metal enclosure for a custom depth sensor and/or camera. It’s a really nice, solid, enclosure.

Also, the Beckon SDK would be useful …