[examples] What to do with theuntracked makefiles projectGenerator creates?

I’m not sure what category this belongs to because it includes a few. Probably git, examples, bugs, or beginners… anyway,
I followed the steps in the INSTALL_FROM_GITHUB.md. This is on Fedora Linux 28.
After updating the examples directory with projectGenerator:
projectgenerator -r -o"." examples
my git Untracked Files list grows to about 170. Is this expected behavior? Did I miss a step? Do I need to ignore these files? commit them?



and so on and so on.
What should be done with these extra files created that aren’t a part of the main repo?

nothing. just leave there. PG created those. just leave those files untracked.

Cheers, PG may have created them but I suspect they should be in .gitignore.

In examples/.gitignore the addons.make entry is missing.
but Makefile 's and config.make aren’t. There’s also some entries for android


which flags android makefiles as 'do not ignore’s. not sure if there’s a reason for that, but in any case, these two adjustments solved this issue for me.