examples from london workshop

Hi all

Thanks for the workshop again Zach and Theo.

I’m trying to look at some of the examples from the weekend that have been put up and on Joel face tracking stuff I am unable to build it as i done have the ofCvHaarFinder.cpp and ofCvHaarFinder.h files in my oFOpenCV addons folder. Were these extras that the people working on the face detection stuff grabbed during the workshop or should I have them?

I’ve done a search on the machine and not found an openframeworks folder that has them



Hey Nick!

Yeah I gave those files out to the face tracking group :smiley:

I put them up here though with instructions for adding to xcode.
Let me know if there are still problems!



Hi Theo

yep thats working fine now.


Same example but now compatible with 005 FAT release:


Just make a folder in your apps/ called dev/
Then unzip into there.