Example-texture-mode won't display video properly on certain monitor

It feels like I am missing something obvious, but I really can’t find the source of this problem. I’m using the example-texture-mode example on a Raspberry Pi 3B+, and when the Pi is booted connected to one of my monitor, the example works perfectly, but when it’s booted to my other monitor, the video player displays a grey image and nothing else.

Both screens are connected on the HDMI port, and there is no effect wether I force the Pi to a certain resolution or let it choose the best resolution for the monitor.

The OS is raspbian stretch with desktop, I’m using openframeworks 0.10.0 and the code is the example with no modification. Both monitors are fairly recent and use 1920x1080.

I would greatly appreciate any pointers on where to look or what kind of setting or configuration am I not doing correctly.