Example files not running


am having trouble running any of the basic examples like 3d primitives under osx 10.12.5 and Xcode 8.3.3
the error highlighted is:

bool ofAppGLFWWindow::getWindowShouldClose(){
return glfwWindowShouldClose(windowP);

none of the example files/executables run under either of_v0.9.7 or of_v0.9.8
has anyone else run into this?
please help!

in that example, the error is “Thread 1: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code 1, address=0xc)”

Uhm, I am suddenly facing this error in some code that used to work flawlessy. May be it is due to some glitch with XCode update…

Any hint?


Ok I got it (in my case at least). In main.cpp there was a call to


but since I did a clean & rebuild there was no data folder inside the app bundle, and that caused the crash. I can’t see the relation between the two things but creating the folder in the proper place fixed the issue.

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